How To Fix Err_Cache_Miss Error On Google Chrome

If you are tech enthusiastic then the Err_cache_miss Error on chrome is nothing new for you. You must have faced this error every single day, especially if you are into app and website developing. If you are testing your new codes for you app or if you are trying to tweak with the browser setting then you are surely going to face this issue. Trying out new codes on a browser, especially after the Chrome browser went live in the market developers went crazy trying out new code for the apps and website which later lead them to face the Err_cache_miss error. This isn’t an error that would occur for every internet service user and definitely don’t because you are using a chrome or Firefox  or Safari or nay other browser but there has been a huge increase of this error among Google Chrome Users. The error name as it implies itself occurs due to cache issue on your browser.

But how can this be related to coding and developers work? We will talk about that in detail in a few moment. But the main topic for today is whether you are facing err_cache_miss issue on a rare basis or on a frequent basis, you will definitely need to solve err_cache_miss issue as soon as you see it. Why? Well, once you start having cache issue with your browser, sooner or later your browser will start failing to load any website. And in worst cases, you browser will simply top working and you have to go ahead and uninstall and reinstall the browser over again which is a big waste or time.

So, let us now look into why this How to fix Err cache miss error really occurs and how you can effectively solve it. This methods includes working solution for both developers and day to day browser users as well. Without further delay let us look into the cause and the solution of this annoying error.

What Cause The Err_cache_miss Error?

If you are facing this problem on a Google Chrome browser this can happen when the browser is having problem with its cache. The cache system and accessibility offered to different browsers along with the website needs to be precise allowing the browser to open up the website. But if your cache is full or has any issue then you can start facing this issue. And this is where the test phase of different developers comes in.

As a developer, if you are testing out any software or the progress of a website then the website or the software coding cache gets stuck on the cache section offered by the browser. This doesn’t allow any new cache to be stored and as the browser is unable to remove the cache on its own, this you end up facing the Err_Cache_Miss error.

You can also face this error if your browser itself is effected due to any corrupted extension, bugs or any wrong setting/coding that one might have tried while tweaking with the browser. No matter that the reason is, if you start facing this error, then it’s time to get rid of err_cache_miss error as the error can’t be removed by using a software or the fix by the browser itself. So let us get in depth with the ways to solve this error easily.

The Ways to Solve Err_Cache_Miss Error

There are different ways to solve the err_cache_miss error, let us begin with the most important one and make our way into the common ways to fix the error.

Method 1: By |Disabling the Cache System on your Browser:

The first thing that you can try is to disable the cache system itself as you are getting this error due to the browser cache. To do that, you will first need to launch the Developers Tool.

To go to developers too, first you will need to launch your Google Chrome browser. Now click on option in the top right corner (3 dots), followed by clicking on More Tools which will launch another tab near it. In the new tab, look below for Developer Tools, click on it to launch it. Now while the Developers Tools is open press CTRL+ SHIFT+I+F1 to disable the cache system.

Method 2: Plugin or Extension Removable:

Though plugins can really be useful, you might have noticed that there are few plugins which keep crashing or even plugin which randomly pop up the user even installing them. It is really important that you remove any faulty plugins/extension or suspicious plugin/extension that can cause the issue.

To remove plugins, simple clicks on the option in the top right corner (the 3 dots) , followed by clicking on More Tools which will launch another tab near it Now in the new tab click on Extension or Plugin which will take you to a new Windows with the list of Extension available on your browser. Remove any faulty plugin or suspicious extension to solve the issue.

Method 3: Clearing the Browsing Data:

Last but not the least, the final thing that you need to do to solve err_cache_miss error is to clear your browser history. To do so, simple clicks on the option in the top right corner (the 3 dots bar) and then click on More Tools which will launch another tab near it. Now, in the new tab click on Clear Browsing Data.

This will take you to a new tab where you need to select what you want to docket along with the browsing data. Select what you need and the click on “Clear Browsing Data”.


Method 4: Solving the error using Command Prompt

So here we will be using the Command prompt to fix Err-Cache_Miss error from your browser that has been irritating you.

  1. First of all you will to go to Run command so simply enter Win+R on your keyboard. Then search for the CMD in the search bar of the Run command.
  2. As soon as the command prompt window appear in your desktop screen you will need to enter the script that we have given below i.e.





netshintip set dns

netshwinsock reset

After entering the script in the command prompt and running it successfully. Simply restart your PC to accept the changes made on your computer.

This is all you need to do in this step, we are sure after doing this the error will get solved easily. But if the error is not yet solved due to some reason than you can follow the final step that we have given below.

Method  5: Fixing Spyware

Many a time the Err_cache_miss seem to be caused due to the spyware that you are using while browsing internet through your browser. So the problem may get solve when you fix your Spyware. Here below is the step to fix the Spyware.

  • The same goes here, first you will need to go to the run command so simply enter Win+R on your keyboard. Now in the run command simply search for the appwiz.cpl in the search box and then hit the enter button.

  • A control panel window will appear on the screen with many list. In this windows you will need to uninstall “Ask Toolbar” application. To uninstall simply click on the software and then click on the uninstall button.


So this is it, now all the error are solved and you can again browse the internet with no annoying error. Simply follow the steps that are given and you can easily solve the error on the go.

And that is it, you have successfully solved Err_Cache_Miss error on your Chrome Browser. Follow these 3 simple steps to get rid of the err cache miss error forever. Also note that, you will need to restart your browser every time you execute any of the methods mentioned above. If this methods were helpful do leave a comment below and let us know which method worked for you.

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