TOP 10+ Best Alternatives of WhatsApp Messenger

Everyone knows that WhatsApp is one of the best instant messaging today with its amazing features. WhatsApp gets an update in every few months and in every app update, you will get introduced to a new feature. This system of WhatsApp has made it one of the best instant messaging systems nowadays. Not only instant messaging, you can even share your moments in your WhatsApp status, as WhatsApp has got all new story features in it which is named as status. So there are many more amazing features of WhatsApp, but the only issue why maximum peoples dislike WhatsApp is because now it is sharing the personal information with Facebook. For those who don’t want to share their profile information, you can go for some best alternatives of WhatsApp.

There are lots of instant messaging app in the app market now a days which you can simply download and use it on your phone. But if you want to get the same features of WhatsApp in a different messaging app, then here in this content we have listed some of the best alternatives of WhatsApp. These alternatives of WhatsApp app will satisfy you in every way. So let’s have a look at the best alternatives to WhatsApp messenger and the features of the app.

Top Best Alternatives to WhatsApp Messenger You Can Use


After WhatsApp have started sharing the profile database with Facebook, many of the WhatsApp users have already moved to WeChat. This messaging app is having many features which you can enjoy while chatting with your friends, also there are some features which are better than WhatsApp. WeChat is having amazing features like clear voice and video call than WhatsApp, Group chat can be done till 500 people, amazing sticker collections, you can get connected to many new friends just by shaking and much more. So with all these features, WeChat is one of the best alternatives of WhatsApp.

KIK messenger

Kik messenger is another alternative to WhatsApp which you can use if you want to have the same features of WhatsApp. Kik messenger is having a huge number of user upto 100 million downloads. This app is the best way to connect with your friends, it is having the best user interface which increases the user experience. The Kik messenger also got many amazing features like sharing games, you can find unknown and make friends easily, chat one on one even in groups, you can even send text messages even when the internet is slow. This amazing features of Kik have made it one of the best WhatsApp alternative app that you can have on your phone.


Line messenger is having the highest downloads of 500 million. With Line, you can easily get connected with your friends through messaging or with free calls. You can also do free call with Line app and the video call resolution is very good than WhatsApp. The line is having a huge collection of exciting stickers to express your feelings. This app also gets new features in every new update. The features of Line messenger are like adding photos to your message before sending them, you can make group calls with maximum 200 friends, message anywhere even in low-speed internet, downloading many amazing stickers from the store and much more. So these are the features of Line messenger that has made this instant messaging app ranked in the third position.


Viber is the same as the WhatsApp, as it also uses your phone contacts just like the way WhatsApp does. This app is also having some 500 million downloads with the same features like the WhatsApp messenger. But there are also some extra features that you will not get in WhatsApp like stickers, play or share games together, you can follow some public accounts like BBC etc., video calls and voice calls are excellent and the most important features is that all the text are secured. So these are all the features that you will get on Viber and this is the only reason why Viber is also one of the best alternatives for WhatsApp.

Facebook Messenger

This is actually the app with which you can chat with your Facebook friends on the go without entering to Facebook. But as this app has got lots of similar features in it like the story, voice call, and video call, this has also become one of the alternatives of WhatsApp messenger. But the only issue is that Facebook Messenger sometime freezes in the middle of a conversation which is very irritating.


Hike is an Indian developed instant messaging app, but the app is very popular. As in Hike, you will get thousands of stickers that you can share with your friends. Not only that, you can even do conversation with stickers, as every language stickers are available in Hike sticker store. In the new update, the app has got a new camera with interesting filters in it which you can also use it for editing your candid photo. The amazing part of this app is that you will get interesting features in every update.


This is actually a product of Google and you will be able to text to all your email friends or those who are using the app. The interface of the Hangouts app is very simple. You can get connected with anyone in some simple clicks. But the new update of the Hangouts has made the interface similar to the WhatsApp with a green background and floating icons. The problem with this app is that you can do a video call, but the quality is literally poor and you will need a high-speed internet connection. But overall looking this is the best alternatives of the WhatsApp.


If you like to chat in groups with all the amazing features then this is the best WhatsApp alternatives app for you. In this app, you can easily create a group and can enjoy texting with everyone in the group. The site is having interesting features like customization notification, can text from behind, Chat anytime you want, express your words properly with stickers or emoji and much more. This instant messaging app also gets updates in features in every update of the app.


If you are looking for the best private messaging app then there is no other app better than Wire app. The interface is more or less the same as the WhatsApp messenger app. The features are almost the same as the WhatsApp, as in this app you are getting features like share photos, location, Gif file, record audio and much more. So with all these similar features to WhatsApp, Wire is also one of the best alternatives.

Imo app

IMO is the 10th app in this list of WhatsApp alternatives. IMO is basically a video calling app using which you can make high-quality video calls as well voice calls using your Android or iOS device. You can also send unlimited messages to other Imo users. Similar to WhatsApp, using the Imo app you can send photos, videos, stickers etc as well. You enjoy all the features using WiFi, 2G/3G/4G network which will definitely save normal SMS and voice calling charges. One unique feature of this app is, you can make group video calls which are currently not available in WhatsApp.


This the last app in this list and Telegram is one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp without any doubt. With over 100 million+ users worldwide. It has some useful features like you can sync messages and can access from different devices without any issues. Like the previously mentioned apps using Telegram app, you can multimedia files of any type and of any sizes. Your chats will not be saved in phone/tablet memory instead it will save in cloud. You can create groups of up to 5000+ members and enjoy chatting. Like WhatsApp, it does not contain ads and it is absolutely free to use.


These are the best instant messaging apps that you can use after WhatsApp, these apps are also the best alternatives of WhatsApp messenger. So if you like to jump from WhatsApp due to any reason then you can pick any of the apps that we have listed above. All the apps are having some few similar features like the WhatsApp, so you will have the same experience. So this is it, if you are having some few more WhatsApp alternatives app then you can comment us.

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