Top 10+ Best Alternatives of Internet Archive Wayback Machine

If you are a webmaster then you would have known why you should know about the past of your blog/website. And the best tool for checking the web history is the Wayback machine, and this online tool comes loaded with amazing features. Internet Wayback machine has many users and different users use it for different purposes. Some use it to access files that has been deleted or removed and some use it for business as it shows the strategy that you had updated over few years. So mainly Internet Wayback machine is used to get web history that helps ultimately to build better business strategies. No doubt that it is one of the best tools that helps to give an overview of complete site history and also shows how your site previously looks like.

But still, if you want to use tools apart from it then follow our list of Top 10 best alternatives of internet archive Wayback machine. Here you will get all alternatives of Wayback machine which you can use other than Wayback machine to view a website history. All the alternatives of Wayback that we are going to share have some new and unique feature which will help you a lot as compared to Wayback machine. So, scroll below to check the best alternatives of Internet Archive Wayback machine.

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Top 10+ Best alternatives of Internet archive Wayback Machine

Domain Tools

It is a very popular web history and information database checker that helps a lot to check all types of information of a domain like the registration date, domain owners and domain history. It is very easy to use. Only you have to put the domain name in its search box. After you have submitted the domain name it will display the screenshot with all details instantly. It is very reliable and offers giant data as compared to other Internet archive Wayback machine alternatives tools. We are using Domain tools and are fully satisfied, so placed it on the top of the list of Wayback machine alternatives.


It is another alternative of Wayback machine. This tool will give you the screenshots of all details of the domain that you are looking for. It has a great user interface and you can also zoom the screenshot to look the previous appearance of the site properly. It is in the second position as it does not offer that benefits as compared to Domain tools. The screenshot that it provides is very comparable as it shows the past and current screenshot of the site clearly. It also shows you the number of times you had altered the site if you are upgrading your site frequently.


We think you might be aware of Alexa. The name is enough; it does not require any type of introduction. If you are registered with Alexa as a paid member then you can easily look the history of any site in details. It is very easy to handle as this tool is developed with great user interface. Just put the web address in its search box, it will instantly show you all the details of a site. Alexa classified the history as per visitors, regions, frequently visitors, duration and many more.

It is a very popular and one of the best alternative of Internet archive Wayback machine. It has millions of satisfied users as it offering quality service. It is very unique and designed with great user interface. It provides you the screenshot of web history. It saves a screenshot of history in HTML formats in its database. With it, you can easily get every detail related to a site. As it saves the history in HTML format so that you can download those screenshots.


This is another history checker tool and the best alternative of Internet archive Wayback machine. It stores the history of the sites in its database in the form of a screenshot. So whenever you searched for any site then it will display you the history of it in screenshot from its database. It delivers the screenshot of the history as per the demand of writers, publishers and editors. This tool is suitable for writers as it has been developed especially with great user friendly interface for those who are related to blogging.


The iTools also remains a very popular and reliable history checker that works greatly as a perfect internet archive Wayback machine alternative tool. Using this tool you can easily check the contact, popularity, visitors, traffic and many more of any site. This tool is slightly different from another tool as you cannot find any archive tool on its homepage. But you can access the archive in a different way. You need to click on the tab “Internet” present on its homepage and then to “website” that you need to check. It shows you everything that you need to know about your competitors. Using this tool you can also able to boost your business as it also provides a transparent history of the site.


This is one of the most reliable and a very comfortable web history checker tool. It provides an instant result for the site that you are looking to check. If you are searching for online marketing or to boost your business then Page freezer is a good choice. It is a platform that has been developed with a friendly user interface so that everyone can use it smoothly. You can archive web history and content very easily within a very short period of time.

Competitor Screenshots

This is a tool that can give you detailed information regarding any domain. But to avail its entire feature you have to sign in with them.Once you have registered with them; you can access the screenshot, contacts, visitors, etc. of nay site as per your choice. In this site, you can even compare your products or brand with other competitors. It will provide transparent result depends on which you can determine how frequently you need to update your site, promotion of your business and also help you to predict competitors’ recent promotion strategy. It also offers comprehensive digital marketing tools.


It is a web history checker with more than 100 tools. It will provide every type of information that you are looking for. In its homepage, you will get a search bar where you can paste any address of any website and get its full information like its growth, traffic, daily visitors and much more. The interface of this site is clumsy but still it provides all necessary information. It is a fully customized platform and by using its different tools you can customize and refine your search.


It is one of the most popular and friendly platform to check or to access the details of any site of your competitors. In its homepage, you will get a search box where you need to paste the web address to get detail information of any website. It is not so popular but still, it is being used by many people whole over the world as a Wayback machine alternative. It delivers the result instantly within a short span of time.


It is a great source to archive history of any website. When you searched for any site, it will provide the registration, address, expiry date of the site. It is a very easy user interface for which you can easily handle it to archive any information. Though we have listed it on the last but still it has a potential to become a good alternative of internet archive Wayback machine.


After a long diagnosis of many online resources we have listed above top 10+ best alternatives of internet archive Wayback machine, so that you can easily check the history of any site and can remain in a competition. All the above tools that we have listed are reliable and trustworthy, you can use any according to your needs, as every site is having different features. But according to us Screenshots will be a great alternative of Wayback machine. If you are in confusion, or having any query then drop it in the below comment box. We will be glad to help you in your needs.

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