Top 10+ Best Sites Like Craigslist 2019| Craigslist Alternative Websites

Craigslist is a site where people can meet with many online sellers. It is a leader in online marketplace platform comes with the simple and clear layout. Day by day this platform is getting popular, and millions of people are joining it. It delivers different services uniquely. It was developed back in the 90s but now is getting famous only for its service. As many different people with different services are getting involved here, many scams and frauds are also taking place here simultaneously. This has led to many people losing a lot of money. Though it is one of the popular and oldest marketplaces they are upgrading their sites user-friendliness.

Due to such reasons a lot of people are moving out of Craiglist and searching for other similar sites. And as you are reading this post, this means that you are also want to move out of this site. There are lots of sites that are quite similar to this site and we have listed some of the best alternatives to this site. We hope that this list would be helpful to you. So check them out down below and move out accordingly.

Top 10+ Best Sites Like Craigslist| Craigslist Alternative Websites

City News

It is the first in the list of best alternatives of Craigslist. It offers service to maximum countries as USA, Canada, UK, Asia and Europe. It is more advanced than that of Craigslist as here you can advertise her in different modes as featured ads or classified ads. Whatever you want to post on this site will automatically create a page where you can add an image of a product along with a description. All come for free but if you want to increase advertisement productivity then you have to pay a minimum amount.


It was launched in the year 2010 to offers the same service as that of Craigslist. It is now providing service to the US but as they are gradually growing it likely to offer worldwide service within few years. In this platform, people will get a unique advantage which is not present on Craigslist. When you register for any add then it will get spread on all leading social platform as Facebook. More than that of Craigslist your advertisement will reach maximum people which ensure more productivity. Both seller and buyer can make a free account here and have the opportunity to cover maximum corner.


Hoobly is another site like Craigslist. With friendly interface and design, this platform is gradually stepping to become a best online marketplace. If you are a seller you can select products from large varieties of products and also the place nearby you. In this platform, you can customize your ad more beautifully as compared to a site like craigslist. Whenever you post an ad on this platform, it will reach quickly before all customers those are looking for this type of product.

US Free Ads

It is simple but the design and layout of this site is not up to the mark. The main thing which needs to be present on the online marketplace is simple on this site. They keep all its operations simple so that maximum people can able to use. You can register with US free ads for free. It is now used by lots of people that make the possibility that you can get genuine buyers and sellers more quickly as compared to other sites. You will get here different categories of products as pets, health, clothing, footwear and much more.


It is another fully customized online advertising platform that comes in a simple and friendly interface. It offers service in all countries and also you can check ads depending on your location and stuffs you are looking. You can post ads for a specific location that helps you to target genuine buyers. Simply both sellers and buyers can use this platform more easily as compared to other online marketplaces. If you are a seller then you can image and brief about your product in details that makes deal transparent.

Offer up

It is another site like Craigslist which is also available for Android and iOS platform. In this platform, you can securely connect with different buyers and sellers and also can easily browse all categories. It is a trustworthy place; as you need to provide all legal details and ID proof to get connect to this vast online marketplace like Craigslist. To have secure and easy transaction and connection it automatically connects your profile with a common friend on a social network like Facebook.


It offers wide service in maximum countries which makes it a best online marketplace. Millions of users are enjoying this platform and experienced a quick and easy trade. This platform is used by millions of users where information about buyers and sellers remain in details. If anyone wants to register on Bookoo then you need to upload or fill a form with all legal details. There are many online sellers as well as buyers in this platform those who can help you with an idea to sell and to buy products. It deals with wide range of products so buyers can choose among many.


It differs from all online buyer and seller site as it offers both online and offline support to all its users. You can create a group or even join a group to spread your ads. You can easily get buyers those are near to you and also buyers can specify the target of their business.  Like Offer up, it is also available on all mobile platforms.

The online yard sale

It is another big platform where you will get different categories of a product as millions are connected with it. From a small product to a unique one you can get on this site. Collections of products are gradually increasing as it still in growing stage.


With different categories, it is now a perfect alternative to Craigslist. Lots of platforms developed but very few are helpful and active. All sites listed above with Oodle are active and so remains helpful to all buyers and sellers. The interface and other procedures are simple.


If you are searching for an alternative of Craigslist then Close5 is a great choice. You all might hear the name Ebayclassfields which later named as Close5. If you want to publish a free classified ad so that you can trade items near to you for free. This platform makes simple for everyone to trade kinds of stuff like household goods, furniture, clothing and much more. They make every deal transparent as here in this site you can chat with sellers and buyers.

These are the few sites likes Craigslist. Due to this online marketplace platform, maximum people have excellent service at affordable cost. Craigslist might be a vast marketplace, but as many cheaters acquire this place, so people are searching for its alternatives. Be aware of all frauds which remain in all online marketplace. But the sites that I have listed here keep all information regarding buyers and sellers transparent only to minimize entry of any cheaters. If you use trustworthy online buyers and sellers’ price then use any of the above listed Top 10 Best Sites like Craigslist.

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