Top 10+ Best Browsers For Mac 2019 Except Safari Browser

Web browsers are everyone’s need these days. It doesn’t matter if you use Android, iPhone, Windows or MAC, you will always need a web browser for downloading or surfing the internet. Though there are so many internet web browsers available for every operating system in the world, but when you are a power user and look for something different then you must use the best web browsers for your device. This post is dedicated to best browsers for MAC 2019, and you can get to know about and download best web browsers for MAC using this post. There are so many MAC users out there, and people often gets confused among the web browsers they should use. So, if you are one of them then you might be interested in knowing about top internet browser apps for mac OS & Mac OS X.

The default web browser for MAC and other iOS devices like iPhone is Safari, and though this web browser is fast, beautifully-designed and comes handy if you have MAC and iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch because you can sync your data and bookmarks using it. While there are so many good things about Safari, but there comes many times when you want to switch to other internet browser on MAC and in that case you can find this post useful. Below you can find a list of best internet browsers for MAC.

Top Free Best Internet Browsers For MAC

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the best internet browser for MAC available right now. If you are looking for a simple, yet powerful web browser for MAC, then Google Chrome is a must have app. Though Chrome really kills your battery on a Macbook, but that doesn’t mean you should not use it. If you are thinking about viewing media online, then definitely Chrome would eat more memory than that of Safari. Google Chrome is very safe to use and it is provided by Google itself, you can rely on it for safety purposes. You can download this web browser for all of your devices, and then sync and access your data anywhere anytime.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is another great web browser for MAC, which you can use if you are serious about security and customization. This web browser is listed among best web browser for mac by many big websites and Mozilla Firefox is a well-known browser when it comes to security. There are so many great features available in this browser, like high speed surfing, pop up blockers, malware protection, thousands of add-ons and many more. In the latest version of Firefox browser for MAC, some more add-ons and security features have been added to provideo best user experience. Though this browser may not have a good look like other fancy browsers, but it do everything you can ever wish for.


We are listing this browser now doesn’t mean it is comparatively bad from above two. Opera Browser is one of the most popular web browser around the world, and most of the mobile users prefer using Opera for browsing purposes. Another good thing about Opera is that there’s a Turbo Mode available in it, which can easily load web pages even on slow internet connections. Opera web browser for MAC provides easy to use interface along with Opera E-mail to manage all of your e-mails right at one place. This web browser also supports gestures which makes browsing and using it a lot easier. You can also schedule a web page to load after every x number of minutes or so.

Torch Web Browser

You might have not heard about this before, but Torch Browser is not just another browser for MAC devices, but this is among best browser for Mac OS X. This web browser works on chromium which is being used by Google Chrome so it looks somewhat similar to Google Chrome with some modifications. A good thing about Torch web browser for MAC is that it supports all Chrome extensions and that are available in Chrome Web Store. A Social Bar is also available in this browser which provides easy access to popular social networks and updates. You can also download torrents using its in-built torrent download manager.


Maxthon is one of the best browser for MAC 2017, and if you are looking for a attractive yet easy to use browser for MAC system, then Maxthon is for you. This browser is also available for Windows, iOS and Android devices so you can sync its data across devices. So many new and great features are available in it like Maxnote (for taking and organizing notes), Passkeeper (a smart and secure password manager) and UUMail (unlimited e-mails manager), and many more. Though it is not popular as other browsers of this list, but you should give it a try at least.


Camino browser can also be termed as best browser for Mac as it have so many great and useful features which can’t be found in any other browser of this list. This web browser is pretty popular just because of its unique design and great performance. After 10 years into service, the support for this browser has been ended in late 2013 but you can still download and use it on your MAC and there’s nothing to worry about. This web browser is available only for MAC users, so there’s not sync services available in it.


RockMelt browser is for those who share and sync data on various computers often. This is one of the most featured rich browser for MAC 2017 and you can download it for free. This web browser is not owned by Yahoo, and they are now working on it to make it a better browser. You won’t get new updates for some time now, but still you can download and enjoy its features on your MAC devices. Another good thing about RockMelt is that it is also compatible with all Google Chrome extensions.


OmniWeb is a powerful, award-winning and loaded with features to make your browsing experience perfect. There’s nothing fancy about this browser as it have got a very basic look with basic functions. If your requirement is just for browsing and not for heavy or advanced work, then you can use it. This web browser doesn’t have so many add-ons so it won’t eat your batter or memory and can provide you a clean interface for doing your work. Omni Web Browser is available for free over the internet, and you can download it from the official website.


Flock browser for MAC is a discontinued browser but you can still download and use it on your MAC. If you are active on social media networks and keeps on getting notifications about them often, then you can use this browser as it provides you quick access to all of your social networks right from the home page of the browser. This browser works just like Mozilla Firefox and you can also use drag and drop function to share any web page on social media instantly. Flock internet browser for MAC is available just for MAC, so you can’t sync or use it’s data on any other device.

Fake Web Browser

Fake Web browser is basically a new browser for Mac OS X which is popular among MAC users for making web automation simple. If you are someone who wants to do same thing again and again by repeating in on your browser, then Fake browser for MAC is for you. The best thing about this browser is that the workflows you perform in this browser can be saved, reopened, and shared. This browser just looks like Safari and Automator app and it can make your web tasks easier. Along with it, you can use it for browsing internet at high speed. If you are a developer and often have things to test, then you should download it now.


This list of browsers for MAC have some of the best MAC browsers 2019, along with free ones. Though there are many more internet browsers for MAC available over the internet and you can download them for free, but if you are looking for a useful, beautifully designed yet easy to use web browsers for MAC devices, then you can use any of the program mentioned above. If you know about any other free internet web browsers for MAC, then do let us know about them via comments below so we can add it to this list.

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