20+ World’s Most Useless and Pointless Websites On The Internet

Have you ever wasted your time on the internet by browsing useless websites? I am not talking about the Social Media sites, but other websites that do not hold any purpose. Tons of sites are utterly useless and have almost no content on them. The amusing thing here is that they are famous and receive the proper amount of visitors who are willing to waste their valuable time. There are some useless and pointless websites that you can visit to spend your time to and relax for a moment from the workload.

There are many useless websites on the internet available which doesn’t have any purpose, but still they are live and running. Here in this post, we are going to tell you about more than 20 useless and pointless websites on the internet that serve no actual purpose to the humankind than helping others to waste their time.

Most Useless Websites List of 2017 | Pointless Websites On The Internet


Do you want to be an exclusive visitor of any website? Want special treatment just to waste time on watching cat pics? Then you should visit MostExclusiveWebsite.com. The site allows only one visitor at a time to check out the website content, which is just the gallery of Cat images. You have to wait in line to post the message and check your gift, which is a random Cat GIF image.


As the name suggests, you can watch the grass growing on this website. Showing the time lapse video of the growing grass is the most useless purpose for any website. Still, this website has a couple of visitors watching the grass grow every time.


Love the Purple color? Then you should visit this website. This site is nothing but a web page which is filled with the purple color and nothing else. This is one of the most useless internet sites I’ve ever visited.


Living to the domain name, this is one of the worst sites ever. The website is awfully designed, and you’ll not even check it fully due to the shitty user interface and design.


The site is about dinosaurs. I know. But it’s not about the history, story and every other thing about the Dinosaurs. The site has only one page, and that too has a single image of a dinosaur. And that too not an animated picture, just a simple drawing of the dinosaur.


Want to visit world’s most annoying website? Then here it is. The IAmAwesome.com is the website which has only two words of content on it. Without any design or even an image, this site becomes one of the most boring sites on the internet.


Missing the Ten Cents that you’ve lost while traveling? Then you should visit the TenCents.info to take a look at a one-sided image of Ten Cents coin. The site has only the image of the coin and nothing else. You can cry in memory of the missing ten cents while looking at the picture on this website.


Want to visit a website that asks for a Facebook like without any reason? Then PleaseLike.com is the one website where you can like something without any reason. The site has received nearly 305K Facebook likes, without any reason.


The FallingFalling.com is the website where everything keeps falling. The website is designed in such way that every colorful page keeps falling till you close the door. There is no meaning looking at the pages which are declining.


As I love the dogs, this is one of the most useless and pointless websites I’ve ever visited. On this site, you can see bunch of dogs running on the page with rainbow background which has

“DOGS” written on it.


This is the funniest yet useless website I’ve ever visited. The website is so funny that it just has a wiggling character that wiggles with your mouse movement. This is the useless website and still has some power to make me waste my time on it.


Want to waste your two minutes doing nothing? Then this is the website for you. Here, you’ll see a two-minute timer and a note which tells you to do nothing for two minutes.


Want an answer to the rumor which said that The World would destroy if the LHC in CERN starts? The site has a proper answer to your question.


This site has nothing except the bunch of cats bouncing here and there. I don’t understand who make such useless websites?


I think this site is interesting but still useless. The site name contains no clues about the contents of this site. On this site, you can find a Pug licking the glass screen and nothing else.


The interactive flash based website, which has a flash animation in which you have to hit a young man with Eel Fish. You can slap the young man with the cursor movement.


The Cant-not-tweet-this.com is the funny website, which has the floating Tweet button. The Tweet button moves with your cursor. The site is useless as the moving tweet button is of no use if there is nothing to share with the Twitter audience on this website.


The DucksAreTheBest.com is an interactive website, where you can waste your time playing with the moving ducks. With the color changing the background and moving ducks along with your mouse cursor, it is interesting to play with your mouse and ducks.


Know what RGB is? It’s Red, Green, and Blue. On this site, you can see the RGB text, and when you move your mouse over the Alphabets, you’ll see the color representing each Word in the background. The Utter useless site as we know every color.


See the Hypnotic Tod on this site. The site has nothing but the Tod with Hypnotic Eyes. The Eyes are not hypnotic at all, but they look like it is trying to hypnotize someone.


There are only two images on this website. First one is of the Seal with the Bucket and second is someone trying to take the Bucket away from the seal. Nothing else. Huh!


So, these are 20 Most useless and pointless websites you can visit on the web. These websites have no purpose of running and just made for time pass to waste the time of others. If you are feeling bored and want to spend your time, then you can surely visit any of these websites.

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