Top 10+ Best Alternatives of Tinder 2019 For Online Dating

Online dating has been around for a quite long time now.  In its initial days, the platforms were only web based. Over the time, as the Smartphone brought a revolutionary impact on human lifestyle, Dating Apps like Tinder are also come to limelight along with other millions of apps for various mobile platforms. As long as dating app is concerned, Tinder is the very first thing that knocks onto our head. There is more than one reason for Tinder is so popular around the globe. Since of its introduction, the app has gained over 10 million users till date.

In spite of such a wide popularity, many of the users have considered moving on from the app looking for an alternative. Nothing in the world is perfect. In the same way, Tinder also lacks some of the crucial factors for which users led to opt for other alternatives of Tinder. Some of the worth mentioning Tinder Red Flags are its appearance based partner approach. After all, outer appearance is not everything for a relationship.

The Tinder Plus subscription also not accepted by many users which would require a paid subscription. Apart from these issues, fake profiles are also a most unacceptable issue for people on Tinder. For these multiple reasons, many of the Tinder users are now looking for best alternatives of Tinder.

Top 10+ Best Tinder Alternatives For Online Dating

Keeping in mind the demand of Tinder alternative apps, many app developers has done great work in developing some of the most reliable Tinder like mobile apps. Most of these apps are free and tend to fulfill the needs that Tinder would not.


OkCupid is one of the most popular and old online dating platform that is active in the field since 2004. A little similar to the Tinder, Ok Cupid also shows your matching through screen swipe feature. The app able to find your match based on appearance, hobbies, location, etc. You may use the search options as you wish. With every single profile you check, you will be provided vital info that includes the percentage of match, location, etc. You may also the incognito mode whenever it is needed. It is free Tinder like app; however, you may pay for a premium subscription if required.


Happn is a very unique and realistic dating app that finds your match mostly based on your location. Happn discovers the people who have come across your paths in real life. When someone who is also using Happn app crosses your path, the app will notify you about that person (Especially the opposite sex). It also shows the exact time when these people got nearby you as well as it shows the number of times you have gotten nearby these people. It also shows how are they are presently from you along with their profile info. When you like someone’s profile and they liked yours back, it ends up as “Crush.” This is a fascinating dating app indeed.

Coffee Meets Bagel

CMB or Coffee meets Bagel is also pretty much similar app like Tinder if the basics are compared. However, CMB has a more comprehensive UI and rich in beneficial features. The app finds your match after calculating several factors such as location, your common interest, and your taste. It finds out one Bagel every day for you and presents to you at noon. However, these match or Bagels should have one or more mutual friend with you in the App. If you are not really good at approaching, the app will provide ice breaking questions to ask your match. The app also provides actual meeting facilities for users.


Another one of the best alternatives of Tinder is called Skout. This app is much more than Tinder is the profile search option is considered. There are two different ways you may search for a perfect partner through. Either use screen swipe or opt for grid view in order to find your match. Some of the cool Skout dating app features also include the ability to view the users who have checked your profile out as well as who have opted you as their favorite. This made it a lot easier to find people who have an interest in you.

Hot or Not

Don’t be surprised if you find this app much similar to the Tinder dating app because Tinder was inspired by this Hot or Not. Though the app has almost every tinder-like feature, it also let you to chat with anyone you come across which is not possible in Tinder. You can check out the people who liked your profile. You may also check how popular you are within your location. There are also badges available for all users as “Most Friendly,” “Most Liked,” etc. This will help you to find good personalities.


In Tinder, if you are a male user, in many cases your match does not reply your text very often. This happens with most of the dating app. That’s where Bumble stands out of the crowd. In the Bumble dating app, when two users are matched, the female users have to send messages first within 24 hours of match otherwise the match will be cancelled. The app also let people make friends besides dating.

Plenty of Fish

One of the best dating app available out there, POF or Plenty of Fish also considered being the best Tinder alternative app. You may filter or sort the list of users as new users, online users, or more. This is a very reliable dating app available for both Android and iOS platforms for free with in-app purchases. Presently, the app is only available in few selected countries such as US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Brazil, and Australia.


This Tinder like dating app is also featured with “swipe and find” option and there are more beneficial features available in it that help it stand out of the crowd. The radar of Lovoo shows matchable users in your location whom you may request for chat directly or simply like their profile for interest. There a lot more features available in Lovoo but, most of them comes with only premium service.


One of the most beautiful looking apps that tend to replace the dating app Tinder, Rendeevoo is available for only iOS users for now. It is presently available in only a few selected countries; however, we hope to see it being available around the globe in the future. Using the app, users may invite their match for a drink or coffee. If the invitation is accepted, users may also choose from their handpicked locations for a meeting.


Woo is the Tinder like dating app which is specially created for India users. Besides Tinder like app features, Woo brings you some of the most efficient features that vital for choosing a right date. Before taking a person in your interest, you may check their appearance, bio, hobbies, personality, and voices. Yes, you have read it right. You may listen to other user’s voice intro as well as leave yours on your profile.


Clover is one app without which the list of best alternatives of Tinder cannot be completed. It has all the basic features a reliable dating app must provide. Discovering singles in your location, events, parties, and meetups are the most common activities done in Clover. It’s efficient search filter also help its users to find a better match using a clever match calculator. With Clover premium account, the online dating experience is taken to a whole new level.


The reason for you are in search of best alternatives of Tinder can be anything. It might be you are just wondering to try out something new, or you are really not satisfied with Tinder. No matter what makes your way to search for Tinder alternatives, we assure your search end here with the list I have shared. We don’t really know of your state of mind or interests. However, we do know that each of the dating app enlisted here will be beneficial in one or other way.

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