Top 10 Best Alternatives of Skype for Video Voice and Conference Call

For any businessman or for any individuals, Skype is an online messaging as well as video conference tool. Also, with Skype one can easily have a conversation or online meetings on the internet. Call anyone in the whole world with Skype for free and also you can have a group conference call with Skype. Even for any landline or international calls, Skype charges very low. But recent news have updated that Skype has some issues while signing in the desktop. Do not worry we have best alternatives of Skype for video voice and conference call.

Although Skype has been one of the favorite services for online video as well as calling facilities but due to its privacy concern, the users are facing many problems while using it. The question arises…. Is the Skype alternatives has such excellent features of video voice and conference call? Definitely yes, as Skype is not only the one and only tool for online voice and video calling. Below we will present you the best Skype alternatives that works wonders or work purpose or for communicating with your dear ones. We hope that this content will help you to choose the one which suits your taste.

Top 10 Best Alternatives of Skype for Video Voice & Conference Call

For instant online video call & voice call, one must know that the tool must be compatible with both Android and iOS system. Furthermore, it must support group video calling and group conference voice calling. Screen sharing features also must be available. Looking after all this necessity, we have gathered best Skype alternatives for PC and Smartphone below. Let’s have a thorough reading;

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is the among the free Skype alternatives for PC, Android and iOS users. In addition to it, to keep I touch with your friends or family members who are away from you, Hangouts is the perfect alternative. You can chat and message all your contacts for free with Google Hangouts. Also, group chat with your dear ones up to 150 people. You can try calling any phone number in the whole world, all are for free. Even if your friends are offline, you can still send a text to them. As a result, for voice calling, video conference and SMS texting one must connect Google Hangouts. The best thing about Google Hangouts is you do not have to go for any third party app; all you need is having a Gmail account.


Imo is the most common video calling app like Skype. So, no matter where you are, with Imo, you can stay connected with friends and family. In addition to it, all the messages and video calls are absolutely for free. It also supports a video call along with groups of friends, family and even your close ones. This app is available for Android and iPhone users with a very simple user interface. Even over chat, you can send and share photos and videos. The best thing about this app is all the entire chats and messages are encrypted. This means you do not need to take care of any safety and security.


With the help of the LINE, you can be very close with your family and friends even if you are far away from them. With the free voice as well as video call features, you can be near your family at any point of time. Also, even for any urgent online meetings, LINE will be the perfect choice. With your chat member, you can also make group calls up to 200 people. LINE also helps you to make your chat exciting with a range of stickers available in the Sticker shop. LINE is the amazing alternative to Skype because it allows you to make international calls to landline or mobile phones at low minimum cost.


For online video calls and video chat, Icq has been widely used across many countries. Even while performing a video call, 3D animated stickers can be used. With lowest data usage, this app allows you to make video calls with high quality. Through 3G, 4G, LTE and Wi-Fi all the calls be it local or international are free of cost. This app also has voice message and speech recognition feature which has been widely used. To make your chats more romantic and exciting, hundreds of beautiful stickers are available.


When we speak about free Skype alternative for Android or iOS, Tango app is also very much acceptable. Through tango, you can meet all your best people for absolutely free. As it works on Smartphones and tablets, anywhere you go you can directly connect it and enjoy video calling. Not only video calls but even voice calls can be enjoyed with Tango app. Even create a group and send photos, videos stickers with the people you wanted to keep in touch. If you want to have some fun while video calling then that is also possible by playing games and sending stickers.

We Chat

We Chat is another similar video calling app like Skype. They are much better, more popular and widely used app. It allows you to make high quality video calls & voice calls anywhere in the world for free. There are many sticker available, you can just use them and send stickers along with voice messages, image, text to your friends. With 20 different language options, it can translate and give you easy access to any messages that you like to read. With the real time location sharing you can easily detect which place your friend actually is. We Chat is the one messaging app certified by Truste. With the help of this app, either you can group chat with 500 people or video call with 9 people. Al low price, call any number worldwide.

Uber Conference

UberConference is a stress free conference call app. Not only video conferencing but even audio conference can be done with the help of this app. There are two types of plans for managing the calls. The first one is the free version and the second one is the paid version. With the help of this app, you can go for limitless conferences up to 10 callers and for the paid version conferences are up to 100 callers. If you are an organizer, then you do not require any PIN. Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn all are integrated with UberConference.


Another name for popular alternatives of Skype for video calling is ooVoo app. This is a free online high-quality video calling app for both iOS and Android users. Video Chat, voice message and texting all can be done with ooVoo. With the help of this excellent app, you can make up to 12 people in one group and video chat for free. While you are video chatting, wear a mask and talk to your friends excitingly. With one touch calling app, you can just shift your chat from messaging to video calling. This app provides you the cross-device support with which you can cal either in mobile or landline. Or even if the person is not online then you can still call him/her.

Google Duo

Google duo is the alternatives to Skype video calls. With simple user interface, this app is one of the public’s recommended apps. As a matter of fact, in whatever network you are, with Google Duo you will really experience a very high-quality video. With the help of this simple app, now you can call either in Android or iOS users. And when you are unable to have a video call then you can also go for the audio call. Before the phone rings you can automatically see the caller with Duo’s live preview option.


VSee is the free Skype alternatives which has a very standard and clean interface. It supports a four way group video chat along with screen sharing and instant messaging. They work on 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi band. This app is also a Skype alternative for PC and Mac which is exciting. All the calls are end to end encrypted for security and safety with VSee. It also has the options for shifting the front and the back cameras.


So, these are the best alternatives of Skype for video voice and conference call. However, all these similar apps like Skype are the best for video calling all over the world to stay connected with your dear ones. In this content, we have reviewed some of the top apps along with mind blowing features. If you think that we have not provided all the detailed information then help us by giving a comment below.

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