Top 10+Best Alternatives of PayPal 2019

Making online payments has turned into one of the basic way of transactions. Many people may think that online transaction can be risky and can be the cause of many unwanted attraction. But you have to keep in mind that, through online transaction on can easily save a lot of time which can take hours or days to proceed with normal transaction. You will also have to note that, when online transaction and payments were first released through apps, it was unsafe back then but now would have many layers of security which is really hard for even the brilliant hackers to break through. And one such online transaction app is the PayPal. PayPal has been listed to be one of the best ways to transfer money on the go and with proper security measure, PayPal can really help you save time and money. You might be a PayPal user yourself, but if you are thinking about trying a new online transaction app alternative of PayPal then you are luck. Today we are going to share you the top best PayPal alternatives that you can get for yourself even as a new user.

So, no matter if you are a new user of online transaction apps or an existing sure of PayPal you will surely enjoy using these apps in the list. Without further due, let us go ahead with the list of the best alternatives of PayPal which are even more safe and sure to use with easy to use interface even for new online transaction app users.

List of  Top 10+ Best alternatives of PayPal

Google Wallet

Coming to the top of the top list is the famous Google Wallet. This Wallet by Google was once the best way to checkout of any online transaction even before the launch of PayPal. With time the name of the Google Wallet has changed a lot but the features has been unchanged for the years that has passed. With high end security and easy to use user interface, one can easily use the Google wallet even when they are new to such applications.


The biggest provider of fraud protection and services has come up with a safe and secure way of online transaction namely WePay. With high notch security system, this is the best alternative of PayPal that you can get for yourself. WePay is so easy and safe to use that even elderly peoples can get done with easy transactions. Making Wepay a way of payment for a website also makes the website look more professional and safe for every visitor as the user never need to leave the same site and transaction takes action in new virtual terminal from the same site.


2CheckOut is another best alternative of PayPal. With secured gateway connection between the credit card/debit card info, you can be sure that all you online transactions are safe. What makes 2CheckOut one of the best online transaction app like PayPal is their features like recurring payment billing, fast international transactions and even a shopping cart offer. So with 2CheckOut you will be able to choose best out of any online transaction app and its excellent safety.


This is one of the oldest ways of online transaction that has been running since 1996. Being the most used internet transaction method for decade, yet isn’t famous enough due to its low transaction in today’s time as there isn’t any app developed for it. But merchants and many businessmen (estimated to be over 400,000) as still using this safe and sure way of online transaction till date.


Coming to the top 5 of this list of the best Paypal Alternatives, Skrill is indeed a worth mention. There are a lot of features that comes with Skill that aren’t even available on many popular online transaction sources today. Few of the worth mentioning features are like, low fees, sending text after a complete transaction and free setup account for the first time. Skrill also allows you to get access to different account where you can instantly transfer any amount of money from one account to any card.


If you are new business owner then Intuit is definitely what you need. Intuit provides with the best way to accept payment online. This isn’t just for your business, you can even use this feature for single use where you can get and make payments single handed without the need to get any other transaction method. So go ahead a give Intuit a go and you will surely won’t be disappointed.


ProPay is an online transaction app just like PayPal. But few of the best features of ProPay would be the ability to accept direct payment for eBay transaction. You can send or receive money on the go and enjoy paying bills and using the building cart option for different shopping websites. ProPAy app is also available for both android and iOS making it really easy to access from smartphones.


Click2sell is embedded with similar features of both the PayPal and Google Checkout. And this makes this online transaction system really versatile to use. With Click2Sell you can do transaction through credit or debit card and as well as bank account. So no matter if you are carrying your card with you or not, all you need is your bank account to get the most out your online transaction with Clcik2Sell.


When it comes to private transaction like sending and receiving money for friend or colleagues then you can defiantly choose the Dwolla online transaction method. Dwolla came up in the market as a branding tool and soon turn out to one of the best PayPal alternative that one can get.


Clickbank has been launched in 1998 and since then it has been successful in the market of online transaction system ever since. ClickBank acts as one of the best transaction sources for online shopping, so if you are regular online shopper, you can choose the ClickBank for daily use with different offer.


Last but not the least, Stripe is a simple online transaction system that has been used by any online businessman and shopper all over the world for its security and fast time truncation. You can store you card and bank info with Stripe to access and do transaction when you need to. And you don’t have to worry about any security leak as Stripe promises the user for 100% security with any information leak.


There you have it, these are the list of 10+ best alternatives of PayPal that you can get for yourself. These online transaction system are totally safe to use and have been issued as the the safest way of online payment. So you will never have to worry about hackers sniffing around your account or card detail as every single detail will be safe and sure with these best alternatives for PayPal. If you are having some other PayPal alternatives then you can list down below in the comment section.

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