Top 10+ Best Free Alternatives of Evernote 2019

Before we all used to write everything on our personal diary, like when we met any incident or if anything happen in our day to day lives. Therefore, during those times, people have plenty of time to note down in the diary and could easily manage it. But in this digital era, technology has improved a lot over the years; as they offers us lots of apps which is available on the internet or Smartphone. So now you can also note down each and every thing on your phone using the Evernote app. The Evernote had served over 200 millions of people all over the world. But if you are not having Evernote app or want to use some other app than Evernote, then there are also many alternatives of Evernote app available in the app market.

But as there are lots of alternatives of Evernote app in the app market, for your phone with some amazing features. So here we have listed some of the best alternatives of Evernote apps that you can install on your device easily to note your every moments. All these apps that we have listed below are filled with amazing features and best interface. So let’s have a brief look at the best Evernote alternatives app.

Top 10+ Best Free Evernote Alternatives 2019 | Best Note Taking Apps

Simple Note

When it comes to comparing Simple Note from Evernote, Simple Note is very easy to use with easy interface, which means anyone can use it without any issue. This app is available for the all kinds of device and the best thing about this app is that, you can use it everywhere. In fact, you can stay organised, go back in time, work together, and much more. However, if we talk about the features of the Simple Note it includes features like note sharing, synchronizing your entire note on other device and much more. For using Simple Note you simply need to create an account and then use it for free for unlimited.

Microsoft One Note

Microsoft One Note is the digital note-making app and also the best alternative of Evernote. Therefore, with the help of this app, you can easily move from Evernote to OneNote and sync all your notes of the entire device for free. Meanwhile, when it comes to interface then Microsoft One Note has the perfect user interface and it is very useful alternative for all the Evernote users. Apart from that, it comes with several features like create your own ideas by noting down your thoughts, collaborate with anyone and also access from anywhere wherever you are.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a product of Google where you can capture all your ideas, thoughts through the quickest and simplest way without losing your goal. Therefore, you might be familiar with Google Keep app and the app is available on Google Play Store. Apart from that, it comes with many features like creating notes and lists on the go, you are also able to share your entire note with your friends, reminders within your notes and much more. So with all this features this app has ranked in the top three for the alternatives of Evernote.


DEVONthink is one of the best alternative of Evernote for Mac. DEVONthink is nothing like a note making app, but it is more like a personal assistant that can take care of all your entire notes, documents, and much more. However, when you visit the site of DEVONthink then you will find that it has variety of plans like DEVONthink Pro Office, DEVONthink pro, DEVONthink personal and DEVONthink to Go. Apart from that, when it comes to features of DEVONthink then, it offers you the ability to text, search and also synchronize all your documents into your MAC device and much more.


Here comes another alternative of Evernote called Elephant. Elephant is a classic note taking app with simple but classic interface which is very easy to use. Therefore, with the help of this note taking app; you can keep your notes to yourself without the need of account or clouds. Apart from that, it comes with numerous features like you can store your notes in plain files and folders and built in longevity and much more.


Turtl help you to take notes, bookmark any websites, and much more. In fact, Turtle keeps all your documents save and secure from everyone and also those who you share with. This app is available on all platforms. Therefore, Turtl can be considered as the ultimate privacy note taking app which is similar to Evernote. Apart from that, it come with several features like it stores all your document and information encrypted, it is more private than Evernote. Not only that, you can also share and sync files and images easily on all platforms for free.

Zoho Notebook

This is also one of the most popular alternatives of Evernote app, you can also try this note taking app called Zoho Notebook. Zoho Notebook has a clean interface that the note taking seems to be very easy and full of fun within this app. So, with the help of this note taking app you can take notes either in the form of text, checklist, audio, or even through pictures. Apart from that, you can choose 25 different covers which is the coolest features of this app for which this is one of the best note taking app for your device.


Alternote is also the alternative of Evernote client, which means all your documents are being backed up by Evernote app itself. Meanwhile, Alternote comes with lots of features like it has simple and clean interface which is very easy to user, distraction free, has night mode and font settings as well. Apart from that, it also has six amazing handpicked background which is simply awesome. Therefore, this way you can capture all your memories, write down all your inspirational ideas, feelings and much more on Alternote app easily.

Google Docs

Google Docs makes your live easy as you can write, edit, collaborate wherever you go and wherever you are for free of cost. Google Docs helps you to create notes and also can store all the documents in Google Drive which is available everywhere on the internet. Apart from that, it comes with amazing features like you can create presentations, spreadsheets, and much more. Google Docs is worth using it and the most effective alternative of Evernote.


Quip is nothing but simple a connected Hub, through which you can create your own teams, discusses all the information and also organizes all the work directly in your device. This note taking app is extraordinary as compare to other note taking app. When it comes to its productivity Quip provides everything by combining all the documents, spreadsheets, task lists and much more. Meanwhile, moving on to its features then you can find everyone on the same page, communicate without email, and also can work together anywhere you are for free without any problem.

Drop Box


With the help of Drop Box, you can work in a simpler way through which you can take your document anywhere you are, send videos quickly, can easily manage all your photos, work on slides together and much more. In order to use this note taking app, you need to sign up for free and enjoy taking this app everywhere you go and reinvent your work easily.


These are the best alternatives of Evernote 2018 that you can install on your device for storing or writing notes. We have selected these best Evernote alternatives as it is compatible on any devices including mobile phones and desktop. So, simply choose any note taking app and enjoy using it on your device and share, edit and note down the entire important task easily in one app along with their numerous features in it. If you have any other alternatives in your mind please do share with us.

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